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This collection is drawn from the illuminated capital letters found in medieval manuscripts. My full collection can be viewed at my studio. Prints and frames are interchangeable. Note that the first several images in this gallery display some framed examples Price: $38tx incl

FRAME  jester 4x4 PRINT singer 1400s
FRAME unicorn 4x4 PRINT letter L 1380 Visconti Hours
FRAMEpansies4x4 PRINT pansies 1490 Clermont Ferrand
FRAME canopy 4x4 PRINT letter H lion and griffon 1100s
FRAME vine 4x4 PRINT letter A Chaucer Canterbury Tales
FRAME  budding bell player 4x4 PRINT letter B macclesfield alphabet 1300s
FRAME viol player 4x4 PRINT King David playing bells
FRAME mermaid 4x4 PRINT letter T  1500
A- Charpentras MS 1400s
A-English 1300's
B -parrot 900s
B- Life of King  David Amiens MS 1300s
B- Archangel   Michael 2 Limoges 1250
C- pansies 1475 Angers
C- Scholar  1000s verdun MS
C - mermaid 1200s Douai MS
C- Angels Singing HenryVIII Psalter
D - Whimsical  Musician 1200s Hunterian MS
D- Annunciation to Shepherds 1250 Limoges
D- 1100s Moulin MS
E - King David playing bells 1300s
E- Animal Musicians 1170 English
E -Lion and Griffon 1100s
E- Ormesby Psalter  1200s
E Virgo 1400s italian
F- Nativity 1400s
F- Wealthy Man 1300s Aurndel MS English
F- Zoomorphic figures Mans MS 1100s
F - Cat rescuer 1100s Provins Missal
G - 900s
G -Playful Figures 1200s
H - 1460 Aix en provence
H -Griffon and Lion 1100s
H -Henry VIII 1527
I or J Whimsical animals 1300s
I or J-Angel  with cellphone 1300s Avignon
Ior J St John 1200s
K - 1500 French Breviary
K -Angel playing lute 1400s
L - Joan of Arc 1450
L - Sir Galahad childhood 1300s
L -Austrian Filigree 1400s
L- Cat 1300s
M - Archangel Michael 1100s England
M - Birds with necks intertwined 1200s
M - Charlesville Mezieres MS
M - St Matthew
N - 1300s English
N - 1300s Spanish
N - Douai MS
O- foliate initial 1300s Austrian
O -King Arthur riding 1300s England
O -pansies filigree 1300s
O tree 1500s Austrian
P 1100s Douai MS
P -nativity 1490 Clermont ferrand MS
P -pansies Clermont ferrand MS
Q- 1302 Falconer Verdun MS
Q -Stagg Hunterian MS
R -Annunciation 1475 Clermont ferrand
R -Conch blower 1500
R -Whimsical athlete forming letter R1300s
S - Saint with Lamb 1300s
S - St martin shares cloak with beggar 1300s
S Hornblower reims 1400
S- the Generations Stowe Missal England
T - Jacob Ladder
T - 1300s Amiens Ms
U - Chaucer Reading 1300s
U -Monk cellarer 1300s Spain
U - Scholar Messenger 1200s
U -1145 Chalons sur Saone
V - 1300s Douai MS
V - 900sTextes surJean de Reone
V - 900s
W -1300s Canterbury Tales
W - 1300s
X - 1200s
Z - 1200s

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